High Quality Roof Replacements!

If you are considering a roof replacement, please let us review your project and offer an excellent solution for your budget.

Our roof replacements start with the careful removal and strip down of your roof to desk and include a thorough inspection of the roof for the optimal installation of the new replacement roofing materials.

We will also install stronger and newly improved roofing materials to insure your roof is ready for anything the Pacific can send our way.

We recommend the best quality materials for your project all while keeping an eye on costs.

Shingles tend to deteriorate over time and so should be replaced or repaired to protect your investment.

When your roof is nearing the end of its life span, please come to us.  We can breathe new life into your home or business and make solid recommendations for the future!

We offer insulation systems that are designed to keep your home or business cool from the hot sun that heats up your roof and floods into your interior space.  We have helped many happy customers with our cooling roof systems!

Need water proofing?  We guarantee no leaks!

We are also a Certified HydoStop Contractor with years of experience with the latest in water proofing systems and designs.

We give you a 1-year guarantee with longer warranties available upon consultation and request.

For High Quality at Excellent Prices, Let’s talk…

We offer free estimates, so call 808-879-0459 today to schedule an estimate.

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